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  • Need independent, professional assistance?
    • At your office or home, to suit your convenience
    • Over the phone (or Internet)
    • Collect-and-return
  • Need support for your device/machine?
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OS X
      • Macintosh, iMac, MacBook…
    • Apple iOS
      • iPod, iPhone, iPad…
    • Android
      • Samsung, HTC, Kindle…
  • Need business consulting?
    • Starting or expanding your own web shop
    • Managing your customer relations smarter
    • Decreasing software costs
  • Need maintenance?
    • Data recovery
    • Virus removal
  • Need IT expertise?
    • Automating repetitive tasks
    • Security and privacy
    • Syncing your documents across different machines
  • Need training and hand-holding?
    • Internet
    • Email
    • Making free voice and video calls
      • Skype
      • Google Hangouts
      • Facetime
    • Printing and desktop publishing
    • Scanning
  • Need installation and configuration?
    • Business and home networks
    • System speedup
    • Backup planning
  • Appreciate discounts for educational and charitable work?

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